You may be one of the world’s most accomplished photographers or illustrators. You may be a talent the world has yet to discover. Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between.

In any case, Suzanne Sease Productions can help you succeed.

Suzanne Sease has decades of experience in this field, including 11 years as senior art buyer at The Martin Agency, where she matched the world’s finest photographers and illustrators with International projects for clients such as Saab, Seiko, Wrangler, Bank One, Mercedes-Benz, Coke, and many others. Later she worked at Kaplan-Thaler on Clairol Herbal-Essence, Moissanite Jewels, AFLAC and smaller agencies.  On the corporate side, she has worked with Capital One and Best Buy.

Having evaluated thousands of websites and portfolios, Suzanne knows it takes more than talent for a photographer or illustrator to be selected for a project. It takes an efficiently assembled and presented website and portfolio.  It takes marketing that thinks beyond the obvious.  The industry is changing faster than ever.   You have to present yourself better than your competition.  Suzanne is here to help!

Suzanne knows how to sell your skills to an ad agency, graphic designers, publications and in house corporate.  She’s been there. She can help you get hired.